Best way to revise for Level 2

Hi all, would love to pick your brains on the best way to revise for L2 CFA.

I personally am due to finish all the material (Wiley) by May 9th, giving myself 24 full days of revision and I am thinking of purchasing either Secret Sauce or 11th hour guide to revise the concepts. I’d plan to get that completed within a couple days or so since I heard it is usually between 200-300 pages. I have unfortunately already forgotten a bit of the topics I completed towards start,hence I’m thinking that it may be a good idea.

The rest of the time would be dedicated to mocks and questions including 2 full weeks that I’ve taken off work before the exam.

Hi Bimo

If you are a platinum user of WILEY Study material, you should already have access to WILEY 11th hour study guide. Just check with WILEY.

For revision, here is my take:

  1. Finish studying all the 52 readings for CFA Level 2

  2. Do end of chapter questions from CFA Curriculum text book

  3. Do as many blue box questions as possible from CFA Curriculum text book

  4. Do all the topic tests / mock exams from CFA Institute website.

  5. Do as many practice questions / mock exams as possible from WILEY and whatever third party study material you have access to.