best way to use end of chapter questions cfai book

How do you guys approach the end of chapter questions on the cfa institue book? do you do them without looking anything up and do them “closed book” then review them afterwards or if you dont know a question do you go back read the section immedaitly then try to do it?

Here’s what the learning and memory research says.

You learn best when you force RECALL. In other words, instead of trying the problems immediately after the chapter, take a day in between first reading it (or reading it and working through the examples in the reading) and then trying the problems. Even if you don’t know and answer, try to put down SOMETHING. Then take a short break and review the answers/solutions.

The key to getting this stuff is repeated testing, followed by working through the answers and then remediating.

Very well said, busprof - recall is key. Here’s the method I follow: I read the chapter once from the Schweser notes, do the Schweser questions. I then wait a week before going back to the CFAI end of chapter questions which I do after briefly reading the summary in the CFAI book. I then thoroughly go through all the mistakes I have made and clear any doubts I see. I started late( about 3 weeks back) and hence I’m forced to do it this way. If I am through with the syllabus in time, in the second revision I will go through the CFAI books for my weaker chapters first and then the chapters I feel comfortable in. Do suggest any improvements I can make.

The key to avoind the “forgetting cycle” is regular recall. The weird thing is that recall (i.e. testing) on SOME of the material from a secition even aids recall of the non-tested material.

Also, do subsequent recalls - one a day later, then a week later, then 3 weeks later (like an exponential funtion).

The later recall/testing sessions don;t have to be long - just the fact that they’re done counts.

A good book on the topic (that none of the candidates have time to read right now) is “Making it Stick” by Peter Brown.

Easy read, and it’ll change how most of you study.