Best way to use Passmaster

Hello: For L1 I tried to answer all the Passmaster questions for a SS in the same week that I watched the video and read the study guide. I am thinking now that was a mistake. Should I divide the questions per SS up over multiple weeks for L2? That way I answer multiple topics every week and stay fresh on old material? If I use the ‘review exam’ to do this, will the questions be marked as correct and count towards the 90% for TFCH? Thanks!!

I did the same thing as you on Level I. I was planning on doing the same for Level II based on the following theory: 1. If I do really well on a section, I will let it be. If I get crushed (less than 50-60%) than I will likely go back and review. 2. I never went back and reviewed passmaster sections anyways. I reviewed my notes and completed practice exams. I figured which topics were my weak points and kept hammering them home. Rinse and repeat. HOWEVER, I do like your strategy and will probably incorporate it. Nice call Lieb. I will also be completing the questions in CFAI material. I do plan on finishing the lectures by the middle of march (just started last week) so I can complete as many questions as possible. I think we all know that this means I will finish by the end of April leaving me with 5 weeks for questions.

It takes so long to go back and do passmaster and there are so many easy questions that waste time, that the best thing to do is to - Do all the questions after finishing a Reading - Write down your mistakes - Move onto the next Reading (not study session) after finishing the questions Then at the end of all the questions/readings you will have a set of notes you can go over from the passmaster mistakes. I highlight these pages for important formulas, etc.

Hmm, I’ve always thought Passmaster was some kind of a laxative.