Best Way to Use Qbank?

Hi all, I was wondering how everyone uses qbank for practice. Do you guys use it daily to review past readings? Or does everyone wait til after reading the entire curriculum through to take practice tests? I plan to dedicate the last month before the exam to take practice tests daily using Qbank and sample/mock exams. However, what is the best way to go about doing this? Should I initially start my review by taking tests 1 subject at a time (eg: only quant or only fsa) or would it be better to immediately start taking comprehensive tests using CFA topic weights? Thanks in advance.

I was asking myself the same thing. I presume it’s best to probably do Qbank straight after you do a chapter, so that you hammer in all the info while its still fresh in your head. otherwise i would think you’d probably forget all the info a month b4 the exam… not too sure either. anyone?