Best way to use QBANK??

I made the switch from Stalla to Schweser and have the full online package. I’m wondering if most of you take tests or go through the actual LOS quizzes (I find that to be a bit cumbersome). Also the questions seem a little easy at times, but I suppose this is normal. Any input/feedback is greatly appreciated.

During Level 1, I found the QBank was a good tool in terms of re-enforcing concepts despite the low level of difficulty of the questions. I mostly did questions for topics that I had the most trouble grasping. I did about 2,500+ questions (including almost all the ethics/quant/fsa questions). I think I’ll follow a similar strategy with level 2, with some adjustments to what I find most difficult.

I would usually go through the test management portion, I liked it better because you could tailor it to what you are looking for. Usually I set it up so the answers pop up right away after answering them so that way you can determine what errors you made right away. The answers are pretty descreptive so you can learn from mistakes. Just my .02

my 2 pesos: 1. read the CFA text (in some cases it’s actually shorter than the Schweser chapter) (actually if you exclude all the indexes, appendices, glossaries, optional material + bumf at start of each book, the CFA text is no longer than the schweser books) 2. do Qs at the end of the CFA chapter (some CFA chapters don’t have Qs) 3. read the Schweser chapter = summarises + gives additional examples + is organised specifically around each LOS in order - which CFA is often not 4. do Qs at end of Schweser chapter 5. then do Swheser Online LOS quizzes - LOS by LOS - again more examples - good for drilling - very repetitive but good practice. By this time you should fly through them. 6. after doing Qs for each LOS, do Schweser Reading quizz 7. After each Session (eg Quant), use Qbank to make up 100Q tests via Test Mgmt (i use paper option) and do them - learn it inside out. 8. for the last few weeks, do more qbank practice exams + CFA practice exams, Boston, etc May seem like over-kill doing both CFA + Schweser, but not really. Some chapters are better handled in CFA text than in Shweser - eg Pension Accounting, so skim through Schweser to fill gaps and use the Qbank for repitition drilling. Others are vice-versa The qbank Qs seem overly simplistic, mechanical and repetitious, but good drills. Better exam questions are on Boston & CFAI online tests. But if you don’t get 80%+ on schweser tests consistently you don’t know your stuff - so go back to the weak areas. Aim is 1 reading per 2 days on average for steps 1-6. There are several overlaps with Level 1, so you can make up time on several readings. so far so good!