Best ways for retail investor to short the dollar?

Besides just hoarding foreign currencies that is. I remember a while back JDV tore someone a new one for suggesting a short USD ETF, anyone got better ideas? I don’t see any real way for a retail investor to get correlated exposure to a falling USD other than buying commodities ETFs and/or shorting more treasuries.

UDN, I believe.

That’s the one that JDV was ripping someone a new one on.

Short UUP. JDV was probably ripping on the tracking error (downward bias) of the levered ETF’s.

so you’re bearish on the dollar?


What about opening a forex account…you can better manage your exposure than with the ETF offerings and it’s cheaper.

If you do not have much capital, use ETF or Mutual Fund. RYWBX is 2x short the Dollar index on a daily basis.

Who is bullish on the dollar? NOBODY I know or understand. Therefore it’s likely not a good trade.

I’m bullish on USD.

I have a relatively small position in MERKX.

What about futures contracts? Just a thought.

fxguy1234 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m bullish on USD. Care to elaborate on your time horizon and thesis? There aren’t many dollar bulls out there so I would be interested in hearing your views.

JDV answer, “If you have to ask, you shouldn’t be doing this in the first place.”

Just do the opposite of what people do here. Remember all those “bottom predictions” last fall. Then we had the “bear rally trap” beliefs of the last 3 months. Then, just recently, the sure “short GM because they are bankrupt” call.


Futures on Globex…low cost, low margin, easy access

Go long a currency future of your choice. As long as it is not USD… What is your preferred counterpart currency and why? Also long dated warrants if you think your move is likely to occur soon (ie before theta/time value erosion of option) - you’ll get more bang, but then you have to know something the market doesn’t. Interactive Brokers or even your bank should be able to offer you a number of currency products.

Just open a forex account somewhere it simple. Put in short trade on the USD against whatever you like and bobs your uncle! you can lever up to the tits on it too if you like

I would be long Asian currencies. Definitely not the Euro.