Best Year for AF

In the past, AF website ranked in the top 100K worldwide only for few weeks before June. Now it’s always in the top 100K. This is relatively a high rank for a specialized forum. Gongrats guys.

Quality over quantity?

Sri-Lanka wtf? lol

Country Percent of Visitors Rank in Country United States Flag United States 38.8% 26,455 India Flag India 12.9% 48,944 United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom 4.4% 64,019 Spain Flag Spain 3.6% 46,980 Sri Lanka Flag Sri Lanka 2.9% 3,856

In number of visitors,

average time on site this month is 4:5min, June and July averaged 6 min, while the huffpost is at 3:42min.

24% of traffic is from search results (new pool of visitors).

The other competing website is not even within the top 200K websites.

hacksaw indians.

Sri Lankans are a lot of fun, in my experience.

To make a an analogy with Western cultures, Sri Lankans vs Indians are less British-like, more Latin-like.

Alexa isn’t good at ranking sites. In order to get counted, you have to have their toolbar installed. Guess who uses Alexa? Indians. Seriously.

Why would you install the Alexa tool bar? Does it come from a dialog box on the free pron websites?

Also, why do Indians like garlic so much? That country smells weird for a reason.