Beta calculation

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Quick question on volume 4 (Dec 2012), example 13, page 69;

How to calculate the beta in table 5? I tried with the beta/unleveraged, and beta/leveraged but it doesn’t fit the beta values in table 5. Thx.

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Well, you don’t have the CFA books? How come?

Anyhow, I know the formulas but somehow I am not able to get the beta value which is printed in the table. Getting frustrated as it should be pretty straight forward.

Thank you for your effort

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Also remember there could be erratta !

Thx. bartmane, it was the problem of the mix up of D/E, and D/(D+E) in the formula. Really appreciate the help.

@ Alladin: No errata as it was my mistake.

@ oliverk120: You already took the exam in 2011? What has happened?

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Hey all, this is oliverk120. Had some issues with my other account.

I passed Level I in December last year, but decided to postpone taking level II until next year (my job was ramping up and I wasn’t sure I would be able to commit the hours). Based on my frustrations in studying for level I decided to create NoteSnack, which I hope will help fellow CFA students and myself when I go for level II next year.

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Hi oliverk120,

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Is it really sufficient enough to learn only by the Schweser Notes, and don’t read the curriculum books from the institute? Thx.

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