beta comps

Hi all, I need beta information for 3 companies on euro stock exchanges as at Jan 1 2009. Is tehre anywhere that i can find this? If not I guess I could calculate it myself. Is it just against the stock exchange it is listed on? Based on daily closing prices?

what are the names of the companies braah, im sure people here have access to the terminal

issue is that I will most probably have to provide source info. Source: Some guy off Analyst Forum , just wont cut it!

They are 1.1, 0,54 and 1.23.

What’s the 0.54? Mr. Walrus’s Electric Company Inc.?

HMW Gambling and Strip Clubs Inc.


Lots of places to get betas: -Bberg -CIQ -Calculate in excel after exporting from google finance -Derive from volatilities

if you posted the companies, I’m sure some people could provide you with screen shots of the source documents

But from now on, please limit this thread to real warriors only please.

Yeah, if you have BB tickers, I will be happy to look up the numbers.

Can’t post the companies as its sensetive info. You guys would be making a killing!!!