Better off improving with Q's or more reading?

Hello everyone, I’m consistently coming up weak in FSA (55-65%), and hit or miss with econ (65-80%). Am I better off going back to the books and taking the time to re-read, or should I just keep doing more questions? Thoughts?

I’d suggest some more reading, in the areas where you are consistently weak. I found that I was consistently applying the wrong formulas when calculating variance, covariance etc. So I re-read those sections, wrote out the formulas on a page and memorised them. I now feel more confident in answering those type of questions. I reckon its a balance between questions (very important) and re-reading to cement the knowledge. Scores of almost 80% in Econ are good, considering it’s a difficult topic are we’re still 3 weeks out from the exam. Best of luck!

Combination. If you can figure out a pattern of particular questions / areas you consistently falling down in, re-read that area in detail. For example I noticed I was screwing up all the questions I was doing on diluted EPS & calculating weighted avg shares. So I’d go back and review the examples in the book in details and voila! At this stage no need to read superfluous material. Just the weak areas and re-do the questions! Good luck

I think you’re right. Thanks

CFA LII candidate here - DO QUESTIONS read what you dont understand! honestly, you need to do about 2000 qbank questions. I did, and passed LI with >70 in EVERY SECTION. DO QUESTIONS or use my studyguide