Better offer after 6 months?


I need some advice…

In Feb 2019 I started as an Analyst within a Corporate Finance team at the big4 (graduate role). I am predominantly focused on valuations although have some exposure to modelling and general consulting/strategy type roles. I recently passed the CFA Level 2 Exam.

I have just been made a soft offer (unsolicited) to move into equity research at an investment bank (with a fairly health pay rise and better hours).

What are you thoughts on:

  1. leaving my current role after only a few months…

  2. Career opportunities following my current path vs moving into equity research?

Would appreciate any input.


Are you in Canada?

Sounds like a no-brainer. Think about it from the other end. Would your employer have the same ethical dilemma about letting you go within a month if they needed to cut staffing?

If the pay is better and hours are good, why not to go immediately.

Take the ER role.


Take this offer, like Tactics said, loyalty to a company is up there with believing a stripper loves you.

I’d take it. I left a role after only 9 months once - but I stayed at the next (good opportunity) role for 7 years.

But be aware you’ll have to STAY at this new role for some time. Would be hard for someone to hire you when they saw a 6 month stint, 2 years stint, etc. They’d assume you’d always be looking for the next best thing…

After 6 months of training in any domain,

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