Better way to remember Fomulae

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Index cards

bagittagit … please answer my question too … i’ve started a new thread for it … will be grateful!!!

While studying I have made notecards for any formulas that I should remember. Besides quizzing myself on the train, I have recently taken those notecards (now up to 75) and put the names of the formulas on a spreadsheet.

In the last few days I will print out this spreadsheet and try and fill them out from top to bottom and then check my answers. I will try and do this at least a couple times.

Write and number (arbitrarily assign identifier numbers 1,2,3,…etc…) all of the formulas down on piece of paper (by topic area so it’s less daunting). Then write down only the name of all the formulas on another piece of paper with their corresponding identifier number from your already created formula sheet. You’ve now created an open-ended formula test!

The first page is your answer sheet and the seond sheet is your question sheet. This allows you to take the test over and over again without wasting time re-making it.

Now simply open up a notebook and re-take the test over and over again. It’s simple, time-intensive, and very effective.

I realize I’m not re-inventing the wheel here, but flashcards never did s$&% for me. I’ve been taking my formula tests every other morning for about 10 days now and I’ve got pretty much all the non-obscure formulas memorized at this point.

Work on the obscure ones too…that’s where the money is.

The biggest difference between that method and mine is that I have to actually write out the formula which allows you to try and get the formulas right exactly other than just recognizing part of it and finding the answer. I’ll sometimes forget a tiny part of a formula that will mess me up on an exam or add more time onto how long it takes for me to solve the problem.

A small but painful eletrical shock delivered to the body every time you forget a formula.

I printed the formula pages from the end of each schweser book and put them into one folder. I quiz myself on each formula twice a day, seems to have worked but there is a ton to remember