Beverly Hills and Hamptons Riot

Did you hear about all the white people rioting, looting, and burning down the city after 3 unarmed white civilians were gunned down by an angry racist black man?

Me neither.

All lives matter.

Also known on-air as Bryce Williams, the 41-year-old African American said he was seeking to avenge racial injustices and instances in which he believed himself to have been wronged, in documents that paint him as deeply troubled by racism and hungry for revenge.

Flanigan allegedly shot and killed at close range reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, in the middle of a live interview early Wednesday


I started to riot in my neighborhood yesterday, but then one of my neighbors, who is also my insurance agent, told me it could increase premiums in the neighborhood so I stopped.

I started a riot in my neighborhood because some guy thoughtlessly disposed of his recycling trash in the compost collection bin. Trash sorting matters. Also, by riot, it was just me, and might or might not have been shirtless.

^ Composting bin? You live in a hippie commune?

I never understood that. I am very pissed off [because reasons] so I will burn my own neighborhood down. Seems legit.

Ah yes. In California, there is mandatory compost service, in addition to recycling and trash; I had three bins when I lived there. I think they turn the compost into some kind of fuel. However, in certain towns (as mentioned in the other thread), you can collect the compost product to use as fertilizer.

^ I kid, I kid. I actually wanted to buy a composter for my back yard, but the Mrs. doesn’t like how they look. We’ve moved since the other thread though and now have a huge recycle container, so we’re back to being green on that front.

I read this story about this one dude who got the wrong order of chicken in the drive through and proceeded to ram his car into the restaurant’s fixtures or something, bending/denting his own bumper and apparently then drove off.

Over $4 worth of chicken -> willing to take $$$ worth of damage to car.

yes people are idiots

Tai Chi on your front lawn is not rioting, unless it caused a bunch of neighborhood chicks to swarm your shirtless bod.

In the spirit of Reginald Denny, I did what I had to do.