BEY vs yield on a semiannual bond basis

At first, I thought BEY=2*semiannual dicount rate until I saw an example in the notes asking for the calculations for “BEY and the yield on a semiannual bond basis” on page 56 in the Fixed Income notes. Is “semiannual dicount rate” different from the “yield on a semiannual bond basis”? Any help would be much appreciated!!

" Yield on a semiannual bond basis" is a disgusting phrase; people who use is should be banished to desert islands. More generally, " on a basis" should be banned, its use punished by fines, imprisonment, or, as suggested above, banishment. Learn to use adverbs people!

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BEY = 2 × semiannual effective yield

S2000, Im sorry but Im not sure I got this point.

On my Schweser book I have a question asking: " The yield of this bond on a semmiannual-bond basis is:…"

If the question was: The yield of this bond on a bond equivalent yield is…

would it have the same meaning? so BEY = semmianua-bond basis??

Sorry for the stupid question… my english isnt so good

Yes: that awful expression (“yield of this bond on a semmiannual-bond basis”) means BEY.

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