So theres the 9 Cognitive biases, split up between 5 belief perservarnace and 4 information processing errors.

There are also 6 emotional biases.

But two that aren’t included in this list are Illusion of Knowledge and self-attribution. Why arent these included in the list?

they are sub category of Illusion of control and overconfidence biases. (in essence they are both cognitive errors and emotional biases)

Just remember: (cognitive) CCRIH’der, FAMA, and (emotional) LOSSER

If you’ve been studying “biases”, that should quickly make sense.

I got the LOSSER part… CCRIH’der… … what word is that supposed to remind you of??

CC Rider - a song? by Chuck Willis?

^Ding ding ding

I’m too young for this junx