Biblically Responsible Investing

I was listening to Christian radio on a recent drive due to nothing else being available. The show was giving finance advice to folks. The strangest thing was recommending the Timothy Plan ( because it is biblically responsible investor. Anyone ever looked into this? Had no idea stuff like this existed

^ It’s as good a hook as any. A fool and his money…

I would like to compare their returns to a representative sample of Sharia-compliant funds in order to assess which religion represents a better potential long-term investment for my spiritual capital

I went to volcano park last weekend, and this was around 100 miles from the closest big city. It’s interesting how the proportion of Christian radio stations is more or less directly correlated with distance from urban areas.

Atlanta would be the counterexample.

Silly wabbit, we all know which religion controls all the money…


Yea, I’m sure there is a huge market for this stuff. Especially in Greenman’s area.

^Talking about Christian radio stations or the Timothy Plan?

Don’t know about Timothy, but there are certainly a lot of Christian radio stations out here. I bet 75% of the radio stations are country, Christian, or Spanish.

MIght be time to get Sirius.

The Timothy Plan. May be useful in your financial planning activities.

There’s actually a mutual fund that does the opposite of this, symbol is VICEX… they only buy funds companies that deal in tobacco, drugs, acohol, guns, abortion, & etc… I think The Rightous H secretly runs it from his basement/local brothel