Big 4 Acct Firm Advisory Job

Hi I’m looking for an entry-level position in the Big four Accounting Firm Advisory Dept’s in the Northeast. Their respective websites only show open positions for upper-level positions (Associates and Managers). Any suggestions about how I should approach this differently. Or let me know if you have any contact nos or e-mail addresses for the HR dept’s. Tks Aj

I have tons of friends in these jobs in Boston and they all got them through college recruiting.

I know most of their recruiting is pretty structured, but I would like to know how to get my foot in the door. I’m a level 3 candidate with 2 years of work experience as a Treasury Analyst. Tks Aj


kinda screwed yourself since u missed the recruiiting cycle. try the boutiques and middle market firms . hit up your alumni database and spam HR in your companies