Big 4 audit vs. Finance Rotational at JP Morgan

Sorry for all these JP Morgan vs. xxx threads; just have a hard time making a decision and want as many opinions as possible! I recently received an audit job at a Big 4 so I have more options. Big 4 would be in NY and JP Morgan would be 3 one yr rotations in various Asian cities, and then finally Tokyo. JP pays significantly more. Which would be the better option if I want to pursue a career in corporate finance and get into a good MBA program (top 15)?

Big 4 is in my opinion better, just that I feel it probably gives a few more options exit wise. But having said that, i think in this situation one of the biggest things is where you want to live, asia or new york?

jp morgan stands out as the best option. the rotation will give you a broader insight and let you have a chance to see what you really like. travel while you are still young enough without all the ocmmitments that will come later. go have fun!

Hey Japped, How would the hours compare between the two jobs? Tough to turn down a job that pays significantly more for an audit position. Would you have the chance to work in the industry of your choice at the Big 4 ?

As a former auditor…DO NOT DO IT. PLEASE!!! SAVE YOURSELF!!!

I lived near Tokyo for several years when I was in the military. If you’re a young, single guy, there’s no where else you’d rather be, trust me. (even if you don’t like Japanese girls, there are plenty of Russians and Brazilians around there) Make sure you go to to Roppongi

opt for jpmorgan finance rotation …

I’d take JPM.

Like Edge said; JPM will let you see more, learn more, build more contact and connection in the firm, therefore IMHO, JPM will give you more exit opportunities. Take the JPM position.

havent you posted this same question like 6 or 7 different times in the past few weeks?

I can’t see the appeal of the audit job unless you really love to look at things and say “that looks about right” for the rest of your life. JPM has more money, more travel, more analysis. Unless you don’t like that, what’s not to like. Audit might be a tad safer in this environment; but JPM looks like it’s more likely to weather the storm.