Big 4 Valuation interview

I have an interview with a big 4 in london for the valuations team (part of CF). I have worked in the same firm for ~2.5 years in the M&A team in an EM and applied for an internal transfer. They informed me it will be started with a case study where they will send me a model 45 mins before the interview and i will have to discuss it/point out errors etc etc. for the first 15 mins of interview which will then be followed by a more usual interview. Any clues at all on what kind of questions can be expected ? Has anyone else interviewed for a similar position before? This is a must crack super critical interview for me for some personal reasons. Any help would be appreciated ! Cheers

Why leave m&a for valuations at the same firm?

Fiancee in UK

All the Big 4 have valuation review checklists based on SAS 73 and SAS 101 (I assume IFRS based checklists are similar), so try to get a copy of your firm’s checklist in advance. That will tell you everything they typically look for in a review. If you can’t get the actual checklist, grab copies of 73 and 101 and skim through them. That should give you more than enough talking points.

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