Big 7: Which order should you take these? CFA, FRM, CFP, CMT, CQF, CHfC, CAIA

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  1. CFA

  2. Ponder CAIA or FRM

  3. Realize you can get further ahead by applying yourself to work rather than more exams and decide against step 2?

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Is there anyone in the world that has all 7 of these?

  1. CFA

CFA, end.

PhD, JD, CFA, CPA, top MBA, and (maybe) CFP are generally respected. All those other ones, (CAIA, FRM, etc) are not worth the effort unless you already have a job in that specialty.

Lol is this a joke? What is this big 7 term I’ve never heard of. Do your CFA and call it a day. I laugh at people swimming in their alphabet soup, but lack substantial work experiences.

Find a job, dude.

This thread is a joke, right?


If you need all the seven or even 3/4/5 or 6 of these to prove your worth by the time you got them you are truly worthless! At the most 2 is enough that too if your field / functional respnsibilities change since you took the first otherwise only CFA or anyother is enough if your job (presuming you have one, as all of them are taken up while you are already working in the field) is in the relevant field and you wish to mastery over your job. As now a days it is often necessary to switch over to another field from one like accounts to investment, investment to risk management, financial advising to investment analysis etc. the second may be worth having then, that too if one feels the need to have some professional standing by virtue of the second qualification. In total sense, this question is absolutely a joke.

NYSSA once did a blog post about what the author called the Big Eight (CFP, CMT, CAIA, CIC, CIMA, CRPC, FRM, CFA).

I’ve always wondered, Wendy, what made you do the CAIA and FRM?

The CFA was very worthwhile in terms of learning and prestige and employment opportunities, so I figured that CAIA and FRM would be worthwhile too. In retrospect, I should’ve stopped at CFA.

^ after all 3 cfa levels, I signed up for and passed caia level 1. Looking back, should have just kept sharpening excel modeling skills instead.

Would you say that after considering the incremental cost/benefit analysis (including opportunity costs and “psychic income” effects) of pursuing the FRM and CAIA credentials after your CFA charter that you are 1) net better off, 2) net worse off, or 3) neither better nor worse off than before you embarked on the FRM and CAIA programs?

I believe this order of credentialing is appropriate:

Do NOT take the ChFC at all if you have the brains to do the CFP (more relevant) or the CFA (more prestigious).

The ChFC says " I wish I could be a real financial advisor, but I’m too p***y to pass a real exam". I have the CHFC and I’ve removed it from my Linkedin profile and business card. I’m going to remove it all together at the next renewal when I can replace it with an MS on my card.

In my view the only “post-grad” degrees or certifications which are worth passing are:

  • CFA
  • US/local GAAP CPA
  • PhD
  • JD
  • Top MBA/MSc

In most of cases, one of these will be enough, altough two may help in certain cases. People who collect loads of other acronyms like FRM, CAIA, CQF, CFP, CIMA, etc, just signal lack of self-confidence and/or most of the times a crappy undergrad and/or a poor understanding of the way the job market works and/or a very boring personal life.

^ I have seen a positive correlation between the number of certifications and a lack of personality. When you’re up to 7 or 8, you’re probably lacking social skills.

the dude doesn’t have CFA, instant hacksaw.

and yes, I’m 85% sure this thread is a joke.

If not, then it’s 99% sad.