Big memorise

When is everyone doing a fat memorise of the fomulas. Having done as many mocks and EOC’s as i can, I’ve got 10 pages of pure formulas that I’m going to memorise starting this week. Anyone else doing this? Tips/strategies?

Same for me, I’ve put the ones that I don’t know by heart on index cards today… and tried to think them through and partly reviewed schweser notes. Awful work and it took me many hours. I’m going to learn the cards every day until exam day. I’m so looking forward to the time after exam. crying

H model formula is hard

If you’ve got a mac, I strongly suggest a product called “mental case”. I’ve been using it for years for anything that requires memorisation (foreign languages, formulas etc) and it does wonders. There are other flashcard programms obviously (most known alternative for pc is called “Anki” ) but I really think that mental case beats anything hands down.

Basically you will input all the formulas and as the flashcards appear you press the down or up arrow depending on whether you correctly remember. Then they use a repeating algorithm to have you recheck the ones you infrequently get right.

I know I sound like I’m advertising but it really has worked amazingly for me. Good luck!

link ?

EDIT : I should add that I have not used the iphone / ipad version so I can’t comment on it. I’m only referring to the computer application.

Vicky, if you get the product I can send you my formula database - it is mostly done using Elan’s formula sheet and I have it broken down by study session.

I did my own paper flashcards which are great laugh like 6 cm height!!!

I have a whiteboard in my house…use it to write down formulas.