Biggest challenge with answering Level 3 questions

So I started doing EOC questions this weekend. The biggest frustration has to be not being able to determine what information is needed for a correct answer! I think it’s definitely possible to fail this exam with an almost perfect grasp on everything in the curriculum. Knowing how to answer is very important! It only comes with practice. What’s your experience with level 3 questions?

Start answering. After first round and checking correct answer you will probably have a God blessed feeling that you completely missed the point. After that carefully read correct answer, reread chapter once again, make your own notes if necessary and start answering once again. As times go by and you are solving those again and again you will notice that percent of missed answers rapidly decreased except for some hardest topics. The good thing is if you are able to solve open type, vignette questions answering should improve by inertia.

Yeah. Some of the EOCs are wide open questions with very little structure. What I would do is take a look at some past CFA morning papers and look at how questions are asked on exam day. You should still try to do the EOCs to the best of your ability but at least this way you can be reassured what it will look like on exam day which is a less daunting in my opinion.

But your conclusion is spot on. You can know the material front to back, but if you can’t synthesize the information back to the grader when prompted then you can very easily bomb the morning and find yourself in an uphill climb for the afternoon. Keep practicing, you’ll get there. Like Flashback said, the benefit of hammering the essay questions is that vignette style becomes your best friend.

Keep pushing (at a reasonable pace) until it’s no longer hard.


My issue was not going that extra step in answering the essays. Not even writing more, but writing something that proved i knew the mechanics. There are a lot of great videos that I wish I saw last year that really was an eye opener for me. So definitely watch a couple of those so when you practice doing the mocks, you aren’t grading yourself incorrectly.

Nothing is more frustrating when you find out your crushed the MC, but bombed the essay section. GL

also schweser has some type of mentor class that is suppose to educate around essay specifically i think. I signed up but hasn’t started yet so not sure what to expect yet. Also people like S2000 provide tutoring custom to what you want. any there are more providers out there as well.