Biggest fears when studying for the CFA exam

When I was studying for the exam, I was always wondering how I could have enough time to combine the CFA and my job/study. I was also afraid I wouldn’t finish the program.

What are your biggest fears when studying for the CFA exam? Do you have any that push you forward or do they hold you back?

My Biggest fear is to get time to study as I am in job, and then have to take care of family as well. I always fear that I would not be able to complete the material. Till now I have done Quant mostly from CFAI with EOC questions, and going through micro economics. I think I am already behine schedule but still I am not able to put more than 1.5-2 hours a day. What should I do

you have started on time. 10 hours on week days and some more on weekends should be enough.for now. gradually ramp up the study time. try to get more time on weekends. take a day off here and there.

never finishing the program, which is a reality for quite a few people I know.

My biggest fear is not getting approved for work experience (I’m an auditor) even if I manage to get through the 3 exams…

my biggest fear is going blank on exam day.

i expereinced that before, i just couldn’t remember a single thing, i went completely blank for about 3-5min and then i came back.

It’s the scariest feeling ever!

cocaine is hellava drug


Same as u! I m afraid not to reach the end of the curriculum. I work and have several commitments so It s really hard to find the time. Sometimes it s hard to focus and the most critical point is that I cant manage several continuous hours. Most of the time I work one hour in the morning and one hour in luch time only!

My biggest fear (still) is not passing the Dec 13 exam, which means I would struggle to make a career change from Softwares to Investment management.

If I fail, I would be devastated :frowning:

I did fair amount of hard work , lets see whats in store for me on 28th Jan yes

don’t put too much stress on one exam, if you don’t pass, which MOST candidates don’t, it’s not the end of the world. retake it in 5 months and you are good to go.

even if you don’t make it in the investment business, there are MANY career options out there. if ti’s not meant to be, don’t force it, take it as it comes…


Thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:

Well, I saw hunger games2 yesterday and I liked below statement.

"The future belongs to those who know where they belong."

I know I am not meant to be in software industry…its just how I am paying my bills at the moment…

I will make the transition, no matter what…

My biggest fear is that my study plan is wrong to begin with. After searching for advice online, I got the Schweser books and am currently going through them. I started on 12/30 and figured out how many pages a day I’d have to average to finish the material with a month left until the exam (about 12.5 per day and I’m currently averaging about 18 pages a day). Once I’m done, I plan to go through as many practice questions as I can in the last month and review the sections where I have the most trouble. Usually taking practice exams is what helps me the most when preparing for tests, but there’s so much material that I’m afraid that I may not get a good idea of what areas I need more work in.

Study plan is just a general idea, but at the end of the day, you need to see results!

like i said in many many posts… people need to start doing mock exams EARLY! After each session (or few sessions) go to the corresponding exam questions and try to solve them! if you don’t get them correctly, that means you haven’t studied enough. it’s better to know as early as possible than to leave everything till the last minute.

Reading # of pages do not mean anything if that does not translate to results.