Biggest IA firms in the US

Hey guys, Who would you say are the top 10 IA firms in terms of # of advisors and AUM in the US? I had: UBS, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Raymond James, Citigroup, TD Ameritrade Any others to add? Or do any of the names I listed not have advisor (RIA) operations? Also, does anyone know, if you’re an advisor at one of these firms, do you get research in-house, or are there lists of ‘approved’ providers you can deal with? I know TD Ameritrade has one of these… Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

We have research in-house and we also have strategic partnership with another firm which allows us to release their content to clients with a disclaimer. I have access to any other reports, but I can’t release to clients. Also, that list seems reasonable, although I work in Canada, so our list up here is much different…