Bigwilly's Thoughts

Morning SUCKED. PM was easier. I finishing it in 1.5 hours and went through it twice! I think I scored pretty well on the PM, but the morning I think I got a 40% at most! If I got an 80 in the PM I might just sqeak by with a 60. I dont remember a lot of teh questions b/c I was away for a week and haven’t been able to refresh my mind on questions here, maybe they will slowly come back, but I’m happy to see that everyone else thought the morning section was brutal. I finished all the prior morning exams with at least an hour left, this one I was down to the last second, my heart was racing and adrenaline was pumping afraid that I might not finish, but I finished barely, and a lot of wrong answers :(. Well its overwith and nothing we can do about it until August.

OH and the thing that pissed me off was that they tested EVERYTHING NOT IN THE MOCKS! So if you take the mocks just know you won’t be tested on that stuff, very upset about that. It’s starting to come back.

Glad your back!!

You’re. Not your. :slight_smile:

Way to ruin my Sunday night! Jerk!