Bilal. Suraj and that one guy who got busted for cheating last year

I am curious as to if you guys passed. I really hope you do.

i think suraj didnt pass, but was very close, no doubt next year will clear it by a mile!

oh no, he was good people! usually folks who actively participate here do well. Tough luck homey- you’ll crush it next time.

Thanks for the wishes guys… Its a band 10 for me :slight_smile: And when 49% pass rate was announced, I was almost sure of a band 10 myself!

Many thanks to those guys who wished/emailed me. Hopefully next time around!

Hi Sooraj,

Please do let me know your email please.

I myself failed Band 9.

Best Regards

Sooraj can i have your mobile no ?

Bilal did not pass, IIRC.

passme passed, if that’s the “guy who cheated” you are talking about. (I don’t think he cheated at all.)

Band 9 for me, I done my best and gave everything I had. Not sure if I would have stronger willpower for next time.

Dal/MarketStudent - lets not just leave it. Same here, I gave it everything… Good luck with whatever you guys decide to do.

MarketStudent1 - dont want to leave my email in public domain mate, the big dad is watching to catch violations (if any I made) - if you have a secondary email please drop it here and I will respond to you… Cheers.

Vicky, not in a state to discuss over phone mate. So pls bear with me, will email you my phone some days later and you can get it easily from my linkedin profile as well. Cheers.

Hi Sooraj,

Thanks for the reply. I was so sure of passsing the exams that I got myself enrolled for FRM 1 this November.

Neways if you just add gma il to my current user name you can reach to my alternative email id.

Look forward buddy.

Best Regards

I dont have an issue in doing again…but the mere thought of this rigourous military routine - getting up early before schedule, being extra efficient at office to reach on time, hitting gym only to feel guilty, meeting friends only to leave early for study, fighting with boss for a well deserved study break, forgoing vacations…Noooooooooo I am shattered

Hi Marketstudent1,

So sorry for your result! Lets kill it together next year :slight_smile: Good luck with your FRM preps…

Cheers & just sent you a quick note on your email as well.

is see this video for motivation when life knocks me down.

ps: Sooraj sir okay …

Wishing y’all the best of luck.

Thanks guys, the video is great, we will rise again

Hey Guys

Posts by you guys just gave me the motivation factor to stand again, specially when everyone around me at my office is a charterholder.

Would really love to follow/share posts with you guys- Sooraj, Dal, Bilal, Vicky for next level

Best Regards

Dal, Marketstudent

We will crush l3 . I want the 3 letters behind my name. I had promised myself in July 2012 that i will clear CFA in 1 shot. 2 levels down, 1 to go angry

Can you please guys help me and fill in this short post-results survey

Blocked in office Adnan (for whatever reason), will do it from home!

Rocky Balboa-"" Its not how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”