Bill cosby = retrial

Dozens of women accusing and this is the only one inside the statute of limitations and he still gets a mistrial. Moral of the story, if you’re ever (rightfully or wrongfully) confronted by police or investigators, don’t say anything and lawyer up.

Lock him up

I’m guessing he found a way to payoff one of the jurors. He still faces civil lawsuits though, so even if he can manage another mistrial on the criminal charge, he’ll be bankrupted by the civil cases.

You know this might be going a bit too far when there is not only a Wikipedia page for his sexual assault allegations, but Wikipedia had to tabulate them to remain organized.

Also, isn’t he 80 years old this year? Good genes?

he’s worth 400 million. when oj killed his wife, which i imagine is a worst crime, he only had to pay 25 mil.


How many rapes to one murder?

"In 2006, Simpson starred in his own improv, hidden-camera prank TV show, Juiced. Typical of the genre, Simpson would play a prank on everyday people while secretly filming them and at the end of each prank, he would shout, “You’ve been Juiced!”

Is this a joke? The last thing most people want is for OJ Simpson to jump out of nowhere and shock them.


The second to last thing probably being them not wanting him to put them in a juicer and make them in to juice.

Why don’t they leave him alone. What famous guy in the USA hasn’t been harassed by this witch hunt stuff? Cosby, Clinton, Trump, Tiger, Schwarzenegger, etc. USA = man hate country.

^dude cosby definitely did it though.

like im sure some of the chicks are lying.

but there’s just way too many chicks, some who have fuck you money.

so no reason for them to lie.

and good point birdman, i have no idea.

goes to show you need to wait until ALL 97 stories come out before racing to your conclusion. perhaps prejudice? :-1:

They did this tactic with Trump also, manufacture a zillion tales, because “it must be true, they can’t all be lying”. But they could all be lying, or they could be telling the truth and it’s still irrelevant. Guys being guys is not a crime per the laws of nature. If human laws disagree, those laws are wrong. Period.

What is he even accused of, I don’t follow this tabloid nonsense. Having sex? Shrug, so what.

yes, these types of events make you wonder what else is not actually happening that we haven’t found out about :open_mouth:

If repeatedly luring women into my hotel room, drugging them, and having sex with their unconscious bodies is a crime, then lock me up!

It’s just human nature. You can’t criminalize that. Those crazy feminists are always trying to criminalize what it means to be a man.

How come Americans are always acting like women don’t know what they are doing? Get real, they knew.

Also, when are the women going to start having their careers ruined over sex? They have sex too you know. Let’s lock them up, now! :+1:

if you have the courage to follow your heart than money will follow. our daughter is a painter in San Francisco and makes 6K :heart: