Bill Gross, anyone?

Not sure why this hasn’t been posted yet:

How much does it have to do with the SEC inquiry?

This just made my job a lot more interesting.

We compete with PIMCO–not with their mutual funds, but in the specialized institutional space. Very interesting development indeed.

I tried to post it to the PIMCO Staff thread earlier on my phone, but it never made it.

Isn’t Gross the founder of PIMCO? That sounds like Bill Gates leaving Microsoft to go to Google.

SEC inquiry? Well, rumor is that Gross was going to be asked to leave. Probably it is related to performance, internal conflict, and perhaps general lack of confidence with Gross. Another (probably unfounded) rumor is that El Erian might be asked to come back to Pimco. Maybe you should send him your resume, as I am sure he will need to staff the office he is opening in Newport Beach.

^ The SEC is investigating whether PIMCO overvalued odd lot bonds held by their ETF to inflate performance, basically.

countdown until Bro calls the SEC worthless…

I can hear the champagne popping at BlackRock…

so gundlach is the new king. doubline ftw.

Gundlach already was the (disputed) king, now it’s undisputed.

Wow–Gross was going to get his ass canned for “erratic behavior”:

Have you read some of his latest missives? Talking about his cat and such.

Will the CFA have the gutz to revoke his charter?

Worthless! No actually this might be a rare example of the SEC having a clue. I will refrain from passing judgment yet.

snitches get stitches lol