Bill Gross has finally lost it

Attached link to his latest newsletter. What did I just read? Also interesting how he suddenly tells people to buy his fund, because other assets are no good…

His newsletters have been sprinkled with crazy for the last few years.

I read all of his newsletters. I actually like them a lot. It’s more theoretical than the linear thought most folks are used to but the econ in it is sound even if I think his timing is off / early / wrong. I mean you don’t invest off of it, but it’s a good thought provoking read.

you still have not found a way to post links…sigh

Did you read this one? His economic points are valid, even if there is nothing new. However, he spent one whole page talking about awkward sex conversations.

Yes, can’t post links yet… I have upgraded this to a “long term goal” (5-10 years).

Tom Keene said it was the best lockdown newsletter he’s read yet from him this morning on Bloomberg radio

Yeah, I’ve read it. He always starts off with an “entertaining” anecdote meant to tie into the story. It’s his style, pretty similar to the format used by many public speakers and even pastors ironically. This month he struggled to connect the two a bit, but it is what it is.