Bill Gross

Bill Gross just said on CNBC that he (PIMCO) will help the government to manage the bad debt for no fee. Isn’t he patriotic!!

that’s because if there is a bailout the benefit to his portfolios will more than cover his fee.

Has Bill Gross hit puberty yet?

Howd Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Has Bill Gross hit puberty yet? hard to tell now. he’s had a mustache since 1947 until he got hip and shaved it off. so ya, he’s been producing juice since at least the 40’s

all i know is that im allocating more to their total return fund in my 401(k). they got it correct w/ the underweights to corporate and overweight to treasury in the past couple of years. now they’re repositioning themself to capitalize on the overvalued treasuries.

Considering they bailed him out of the $700B of CDS he wrote on AIG it’s the least he can do!