Bill Maher

anyone a fan besides me?

Been a fan of him since Politically Incorrect.

real time is one of the best shows on tv.

In 2005, he began dating Karrine Steffans, best-selling author and former hip hop model.[105][106][107] When commentators suggested there was a pattern to his dating because both his girlfriend and former girlfriend were black, Maher said, “People say I’m into black women. Robert De Niro is into black women. I’m just into women who are real, and they happen to be black.”[106]

I don’t agree with some things he says but he’s a smart and funny guy. I’m a fan.

He is a shallow guy who bases most of his political opinions on mere generalization and snippets from MAD magazine. Fail.

He is a regular at the Playboy mansion.

His arrogance far exceeds his capabilities, and I find that an insufferable trait.

Like his show a lot. His arrogance is part of his stage persona; comes with the deal.

I like him in small doses. Sometimes he’s just too much of a dick.

I enjoy Real Time, but couldn’t watch more than 5 minutes of his stage routine.

It’s not “part of his stage persona” - Stephen Colbert’s conservative pundit alter-ego is part of his stage persona, Bill Maher’s obnoxious over-the-top arrogance is part of who he is as an individual. I prefer comedians that offer a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor, but that douchebag’s feelings of self-importance are too strong for him to go there. His ‘New Rules’ segment is funny in general, however.

He is seldom funny. Make me laugh, clown! We are not amused.

Ergo, no deal for me. Dude’s a tool.

I find his standup passable, especially his new sex vs new shoes take:

I’ve only seen his HBO special. The 5-10 minutes that I watched consisted of nothing but bashing republicans and telling some dude in the audience that no one cared what he had to say.

another solid episode this week. im pretty sure seth rogen was high during the show

While I agree with most of his POVs, I find his on-stage whinning a little too hard to listen to. Moreover, he does a horrible job moderating his panels. When someone comes up with a good point, he rarely keeps the focus so that the point can be explored.

hes great