Billionaire Showdown: Bill Ackman vs. Carl Icahn (FULL INTERVIEW)

This Carl Icahn guy… sigh

Go Carl, LOL

Where’s Soros cheeky

Carl is my nigga. Ackman is a bit too slick on the phone.

Carl’s the guy you want next to you in a back alley when you see a scary gang of thugs show up.

At least until you discover that they’re his thugs.


After mulling this over, I came to this conclusion.

This was a total waste of time as two vain, arrogant assholes acted like they were appearing on Jerry Springer. Who cares about them and their bloated egos? What could any of that had to do with the market hallf-time report?

I don’t trust either one of them. They play the same tune, will make a kill for money. Money is their God and it is all about money, nothing else counts. They will cheat and lie and manipulate the whole world in order to make a buck and they care only about themselves, screw everybody else (ie their clients).

Icahn is a bully. He buys 10 percent of a company, gets his way for 6 - 18 months to drive up the price, then he bails. He is not an owner, he is a bully that uses his wealth as a weapon. Ackman publicly destroys companies that he has short positions on. It is one thing to take a short position based on the company fundamentals, but he uses his fame and clout to destory companies to build his own wealth. Scott Wapner really came off as the quintessential CNBC tinker toy, second only to Joe Kernen performing fellatio on Jack Welch whenever that useless senile twit appears.

It’s funny when Icahn says he is the one being bullied bc honestly there aren’t many ppl on the planet that have the resources to bully him smiley

Sure don’t want Icahn as your enemy. Soros is prolly the one I admire most he is pure genius yes

I thought that Ackman won this round by staying calm and sounding level-headed, while Icahn seemed to be paranoid, flinging profanities and mud everywhere he could and never actually answering any questions put to him.

I agree, however, that Ackman’s short-and-distort strategy is not as squeaky clean as he makes it out to be, and I have had clients with first-hand stories about Ackman backing up that Ackman can be every bit as much of a d-bag as Icahn.

^ Don’t you have to be one to be successful in this industry?!

Perhaps to be billionaire successful, but there are probably plenty of people making a perfectly decent living putting people in index funds with a target retirement date and charing 50 bps for the fee.

And Warren Buffet seems like the sort of billionaire you could have over for dinner (or even play bridge with) without worrying that he will try to seduce your wife and daughter.

^ Respect.

I hate arrogant people. Just because you have money does not entitle you to be a complete arrogant asshat. I’d rather go through life happy, optimistic, and pleasant.

Kudos to WB too. He seems like a nice enough guy and someone who would charm your fam without expecting anything in return.

What’s worse than rich arrogant assholes, is people who are not rich and arrogant. The slippery slope begins, “To be a billionaire, I need to be ruthless; to be a millionaire, I need to be ruthless; to be a sixfigureaire, I need to be ruthless; to be a thousandaire, I need to be ruthless…”

Most people who are arrogant truly have nothing to be arrogant about. I used to play basketball, and the one with the biggest mouth often had the worst jump shot. Very rare to find an arrogant allstar. Often the arrogance compensated for a lack of talent.

This was a 30 minute dick measuring contest with no winner…

This vendicates what I’ve been saying about CNBC all along; it’s not a respectable news source. It’s Yahoo Finance meets Jerry Springer while having a three way with Jim Cramer!