Bill's mocks on LevelUp?

Is it true? Moving from Mark to Marc? But not mark to market.

Brand new mocks or recycled mocks?

Why would you continue doing business with a guy who’s suing you?

First, Marc and I have to finish Level III slides for the new readings.

After that, I’ll turn to Level III morning session mock exams. Brand new mocks.

He isn’t being sued by Marc… its Mark you’re thinking about.

That’s literally what I meant.

What happened between Mark and Bill that would result in a lawsuit?

Any idea if the mocks will be available for purchase outside of a LevelUp subscription? Would be keen to get the mocks but the overall package is far more than I am willing to pay.

Probably not! Marc does a good job making you buy a package. When you provide à la carte, you lose some value in the package.

I believe Mark Meldrum is no longer offering mocks à la carte either – you have to buy his package.

That’s the plan.

And I plan to have them available on my website as well.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, we have to finish the Level III slides. Then I have to write the exams. Then we have to review them to try to make them bulletproof. Then we make them available.

Great, thanks for the heads up on that. I’m nowhere near ready to start up with practice exams in any case so certainly not uncomfortable with the anticipated lead time!!

125mph - are you having withdrawals from doing mocks?

What would be the price for the mocks?

I haven’t thought that far ahead.

Please bear in mind: I have only two working neurons left.

Based on the quality of last year’s mocks, I would buy the s**t out of these mocks, as long as the price is reasonable.

I think Marc’s videos/slidebook + these mocks will be pretty compelling. Marc’s bootcamp wasn’t for me, but everyone has his/her preferences.

Tell me more about these mocks. I want get my hands on as many quality mocks as possible

Psh, I am…

For 2019 I wrote a number of mock exams that Mark Meldrum offered on his website.

Some Level III candidates thought that my four Level III morning session mock exams weren’t completely useless.

I’m working with Marc LeFebvre this year, and hope to be able to write some Level III morning session mock exams that will be available on his website. We have to finish slides for the new Level III readings first, then I can turn my attention to the mocks.

Why did you think it was useless at some point?

I, for one, didn’t.