Binomial Distribution Calculator Problem


I’m having a calculator issue. For example, when I want to calculate 20!, I am getting: 2.4329 etc… I assume the number is to big to be displayed on the calc. This has happened to me about three times so far on the mocks and I can’t correctly answer the questions as a result.

Can someone out there please help my fix this problem?!

Thank you!

20! = 2,432,902,008,176,640,000

Thank you S2000magician, but I’m still confused.

For example, how do I calculate the probability of obtaining 10 heads from 20 coin tosses when neither the numerator (20!), nor the denominated (10! time 10!) in the calculation will fit on the calculator??

The nCr button on the BAII (I dunno what the HP has) will save you the grief and keystrokes of trying to do n! divided by [(r!) * (n-r)!]

Even if the numbers don’t fit on the display, the calculation’s still going to work: 20C10 = 184,756.

In anticipation of your question:

20, 2nd, + , 10’ =


I’ll leave you all in the capable hands of S2000magician… smiley

Thank you both! The nCr function is awesome ; )

Hi All! I am having a hard time understanding how I would put the below equation into a BAII to calculate. I understand the formula, but have no idea how to input.

In AOS mode:

6 [2ND] 4 × 0.6 [ y^x ] 4 × 0.4 [ y^x ] 2

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