Bionic Turtle

I have the GARP core readings, but I am looking for a 3rd party prep provider for additionla practice exams/study questions. How is Bionic Turtle? Any other suggestions? I’m most interested in practice exams and study questions that are close to the difficulty of the actual exam (would prefer harder if no prep providers are close).

I’m frustrated with GARP for their 25 question practice exam. I realize that they have other exams older exams, but while the exam doesn’t change much, it does change some. I’d prefer not to waste hours researching a question only to find out it was based on an old curriculum.

My understanding is that Schweser notes are better for studying but the Bionic Turtle has more difficult practice questions.

This is only what I have gathered from the forums.

I will be ordering Schweser for this week for the Nov exam.


Thanks! Much appreciated. I’ve taken quite a bit of time going through the materials and I have my own notes and flashcards. I’m sure Schweser is fantastic, but I’m most concerned with getting a grasp of my understanding through test questions - I’ll be going with BT.