Bit of tips for L1ers (from L2er)

The following tips might be redundant for those who have been following the tips closely from the seniors but I would like to share it anyways. - Last month is very important as you know. I will not recommend only and only practicing (that doesnt work with me). I would also add that besides practicing, do review your weak areas. For example if you don’t remember much from Fixed Income go ahead and re-read it. - Not saying practice is any less important. Ideally last month should be most focused on practicing questions, full-length practice papers. - Most important are CFAI questions, no doubt. I would pay more attention to MCQ format questions. Q-bank/passmaster are great supplementary tools, as well. - Read every end of chapter summary from CFAI. There can be questions directly from there. - Don’t forget to take CFA mock. - At least once simulate the 6-hr exam day. Do a practice exam from 9-12 (approximate times), do the other from 2-5 (approximate times). It is very important if you are taking such test for the first time. - - If you want to have L2 easy for you then nail down FRA, Quants, Fixed Income and Derivatives NOW! - sleep the normal hours you would sleep for on your normal days. (My normal sleep is 8-9 hours but i slept 6 hours on the exam day and I regret it) - Don’t depend on caffeine the last month. But on the exam day, go ahead with it. I regret not taking any caffeinated drink before the morning paper coz I got sleepy by 11 am. Then took coffee with lots of sugar for the afternoon paper and oh boy I was totally fired up that I could have done one more 3-hour exam (but well at least I react very strongly to coffee) - My exam day lunch was one plain turkey sandwich in brown bread, nuts, banana, water and coffee. It was great. I was full but didn’t feel stuffed. Nothing greasy so I stayed active. Planning to have same lunch for L2 exam. Good Luck All! If you have studied enough, you will surely pass. It is not impossible!

Thank you! Very helpful! One question. On the real exam, did you answer questions in the same order as they are in the exam book? I mean Ethical standards, then Quant, then Econ, etc.? I decided to answer topics that I know the best first (I took L1 in December and failed, so coming back this June) and I am not sure if it was a good idea…

Don’t waste your time jumping around on the exam. You’d be wasting time just thinking about which section you should do next instead of answering questions. And there’s always the risk that you screw up the bubbles in your answer sheet. If you know the material and you work at a precise, deliberate pace, you should be able to complete the exam with some time remaining to look things over. If you don’t know the material, that’s a different problem.