Bitcoin...I'm going to be a millionaire in no time!

Got a little bored over the Xmas break and decided to buy me some of that hyped up crypto at approx. 20,000EUR level for 10,000EUR.
Anyone else have invested in cryptos?
What’s everyones take? Will this be a bust or not?

As always, timeframe matters. Short term? Anybody’s guess. Long term, bust.

Cathie Wood has a 500k price target (lol). People also thought she was crazy when she called Tesla at 4000 several years ago. I have a very small position that I won’t be adding to. Seems like pure gambling to me but truthfully I don’t follow it whatsoever. I suppose if you have money that you don’t mind lighting on fire and potentially never seeing again, there’s worse bets you could make.

We need Nerdy to give us an update on his buddy’s Bitcoin holdings!!!

Is she that gal from Ark?

Yep. I don’t know what to make of her really. She’s become a bit of a celebrity over the past year and performance has been off the charts. Granted, a sizeable portion of the gain in all of her portfolios is due to Tesla, but have to hand it her for making that call. She has hit on a number of other positions as well.

I’m gonna send her my resume.

Maybe she’d appreciate my gains. My boss told me off yesterday for posting my 2020 returns on LinkedIn… :stuck_out_tongue:


That falls into the same category as adding “Passed CFA Level 1 - first try” on Linkedin header :laughing:

Ya boys gonna be on that seven digit time soon. K? I’m your daddy now Tracksuit… This is my water cooler.

Robinhood-style account balance screenshot pron of associated Coinbase account, or it didn’t happen

I’ll probably regret this. Because it’s douchey. And I don’t deserve to have this much money… but, I’m not lying to you.

edit: no man i’m not leaving that up.

I went in at 19kUSD/BTC. 100% in less than a month… retirement money here I come!

Bubble? Absolutely not. Nerdyblop’s 15% compounding is for betas!

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Btw to be honest, I put in just 3500 USD so not exactly retirement money level stuff. I’m hoping the bubble will keep on going and maybe I’ll manage to exit at the highs but probably not.

But it’s definitely more fun than watching my index tracking portfolio. I’m kind of starting to understand people who go for the fast money with day trading and derivatives.

How’d I miss this? Ree-post! Ree-post!

Aight okay. If I got fired for this, I’d just go sell amazon call options anyways.

and $633 is not my original cost basis on it. It messed up the cost basis when I started writing calls against it

Ok ok you can delete it again, I’m selfishly satisfied. A few quick observations: Two giant thumbs up for having CFA after your name on the etrade login; the absolute all in concentration of Tesla that has printed bigly; the stones to keep the position going at this valuation; and that you made 10k on the trade today.

Net net hard to knock it brother. Love the aggression and the guts. Honest question though, what’s your exit strategy on Tesla? Moon or bust?

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I am not too sure on that honestly. Work requires me to hold everything for no less than 30 days. Even if it’s buying a call with less than 30 days to expiration, they won’t let me sell it (biggest scam in my life btw).

The plan is to spend the money on my house. There’s a guy I have been talking to on here who works at Morgan Stanley and told me about the lines of credit that are available. I was gonna borrow the $75k and then rebalance into some high dividend SMA. Earn ~4%, with financing at less than 2%. I’m hoping to do this before end of the month.

As long as your affiliation with the Cat Fanciers Association is in a font smaller than your name, I’m cool with it. :wink:

I saw your trading account pic, but I didn’t examine it in great detail. Young guys like you can afford to take risk, but we old, grumpy and cautious fellas are just trying to make you aware of the possible downsides. Esta bien, mijo!


@CEO10K-DAY pics or it didn’t happen! I missed the screen shot. Repost!