Bitcoin...I'm going to be a millionaire in no time!

bust it challgene

This is like a real life example of conversations that start out with “What would you do if somebody paid you X dollars to do XYZ.” Every guy in the world understands what kind of conversation I’m talking about.

lol we had this convo on a vegas trip. my rich friends coundt understand how long it takes a regular person to make a million. 5 minutes of work for a million. im down.

Ay mijo!!! :scream:

F* Bitcoin! I hate it! I hope the government makes it illegal to transact, own, purchase, lend, gift or exchange bitcoin. :laughing:

and F* all cryptos too! :kissing_heart:

Have you seen how many there are?

you are welcome. roughly 2 t in total. 50% is with bitcoin.

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I can’t wait for does trillions to evaporate the same way sulfer does when you eat asparagus.

Even the mayor of Miami is glossing right over the skill VE luck debate. I think he’s on record saying that he would have looked like a genius if the city would have “bought in when he initially proposed”.

Whole world has become BSD economists.

more like astronomers


What is skill ve luck?