Bitcoin Startups and Eric Schmidt

Looks like more bitcoin start-ups are en route. Which is good cause mt gox is a joke.

Also, I bought Eric Schmidts new book New Digital Age… not great, but he does seem to think bitcoins, or at least, bitcoin-esque currencies will be used in the future. I’ll try to get the quote when I’m back home.

He didn’t come off so great on Colbert. Who would of have thought the guy that runs Google was such a dork?

He was on Charlie Rose last week.

Book is really so so… if you’re up on tech stuff, you could easily easily skip the read.

Cliff Notes:

State level and corp level Cyber security is an issue

Tech will be used in revolutions

Tech will be used to make our lives easier

Tech will be used by terrorists

Developing Countries will eventually get Tech, but faster adoption than us, as they skip the dial-up straight for 5g

Thats pretty much it

So hard these days to write abut a book about this stuff…by the time it comes out, everything has already changed

so what is bitcoin!?