BIWS financial modelling +excel woth a buy at $500

Is BIWS financial modelling +excel woth a buy at $500

Heard they also refund 100% if not satisfied ?

Anybody tried it

Why is this posted here


I did that stuff before, my models are way better this BIWS is bs crap and waste of money


founs a good site-

I actually think BIWS, WSP or whatever are all good. Of course their models will be quite generic and aimed for beginners, since they’re not training you to be a top analyst or to do a specific job at a specific company.

They tell you how to model in Excel with some clear guidelines. If you do a search you’ll find other people more or less agreeing with me - I think Numi already tried several training providers and said they all work OK, so go for the cheapest.

Hi Vicky. PMed you. :slight_smile:

Why not just get Financial Modelling by Simon Benninga and do that stuff in excel/vba on your own?

BIWS is totally worth it. As Crazyman noted, all the main vendors are good but BIWS is the cheapest out of the lot and most intuitive in my view. Actually makes learning how to model fun :slight_smile:

Just remember to go to wall street oasis and get the 15% or 20% off Wall Street Prep.

why doesnt AF offer any discounts???

anybody looking to share the cost of BIWS package worth $1,000 , pm me

You probably dont have to take the whol $500 package, i think the excel modeling one is cheaper than that.

Absolutely. I can’t say enough good about it. Brian is very quick to respond to questions and in detail. I bought the oil and gas one and still reference it for just general modelling.

I bought the platinum package for $1000

What do you think of it, Vicky? I’ve been considering it myself