Bizarre and not important (Ethics)

I brought out my notes from my previous Ethics studies, in fact I wrote the notes on the 2006 Level I Ethics curriculum, and now when I’m reading through the Level II Ethics curriculum lo and behold someone has changed the names on some of the characters, like for instance ‘Phyllis Dillon’ changed into ‘Susan Dillon’, ‘Jennifer Jameson’ to ‘Laura Jameson’ etcetera. Why would anybody do that, rewriting parts of the guidance on the Code and Ethics and changing the _names_ of those fictitious characters??? This seems to be a really bizarre but unimportant detail. The different cases seem to cover the same plot, “mining facilities”, “nation of Karramba” etc. It’s just that some of the personal names have been exchanged.

Well, they probably changed the name Jennifer Jameson b/c that is the name of a famous adult actress. If you don’t believe me, then google it. Make sure to do this on your work computer.

i can vouch for danhoop without using google. i had a good laugh in L1 with some of those names

Danhoop21 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- … > Make sure to do this on your work computer. Maybe not. I believe you.

Phyllis Dillon was a ska/reggae singer in the late 60’s and early 70s. All hail the mighty Google (but not at work)…