Black and Hispanic employment hit record lows

On top of deserving the Nobel Peace Prize for his diplomatic achievements, President Trump has done more for Blacks and Hispanics than any other President.

“Black and Hispanic employment hit record lows”

Agreed! Once I retired, life took on more meaning. Working is burden that should be foisted on noone.

Does the unemployment rate factor in those incarcerated? Or are they considered employed because they make 25 cents a day doing labor for private prisons?

Are you implying that a large portion of Black people can only hold jobs if in jail? Such racism has no place in this great nation.

According to the 13th Amendment, they can technically be called slaves. Not sure what impact that has on the unemployment rate.

Fun Fact: America is only one of three countries in the world where slavery is still legal.

You’re really getting into semantics there.

Alternate fact, Mauritania only made slavery (in the broadest no asterisk sense) a crime in 2007. As recently as the early 2010’s 10-20% of the population were slaves.


Section 1 of the 13th Amendment - “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted , shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

If you think that’s a matter of semantics, perhaps we should revisit your interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

what about the caste system in india? lets disqus!

I just thought of something for the Seinfeld fans out there. When Jerry and George are pitching their show, their original premise was George being convicted for something (can’t remember what) and being sentenced to be Jerry’s butler. I was an obviously stupid premise, but apparently legal.

Yes, but my point is that phrase exists as an asterisk and solely to avoid legal loophole conflicts. Slavery doesn’t exist. You can’t buy or trade a person for life. But to avoid a court case were someone argues “Well, I can’t come and go from prison as I please so I’m a slave and slavery is illegal” that phrase is put in there. You really can’t say slavery is legal without writing it “slavery is legal* *=except as punishment for crime when party is duly convicted.” Additionally, using basic grammar you can easily show that the phrase is referring to the INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE rather than labor. Yawn, this is simple stuff, please try to keep up. NEXT!

I mean prison sentences and labor exist in every country, unfortunately, only a few have common law systems that require this type of ass covering.

i like to use hyperbole!

such as, I am slaving away at my desk!

IIRC George hits Jerry’s car but doesn’t have car insurance.

^Now you’re talking semantics. Your definition of slavery is different that what most would consider, I believe. If you’re forced to work a job you don’t want to do and make little to no money doing it, that’s slavery. I don’t believe the buying and selling of people is a prerequisite.

I sometimes forget how obtuse you can be.

Edit to bring this down so BS can understand: Going to prison isn’t slavery. Forcing prisoners work for nothing is.

Well, I added a nice link from delineating the difference for you. But yes, involuntary servitude is temporal and resultant from a legal debt (i.e. when Europeans became indentured servants in exchange for passage to the US.) and slavery is the outright and permanent ownership of an individual outside of a bilateral agrement.

Again, your point grammatically ignores the distinction in that sentence (as the article points out) and the existence of common law which is why that loophole closing fragment exists.

Anyhow, I take the time to cite an African American Professor Emeritus of Law’s views on the topic (reinforcing my stance) because you can’t follow basic grammar and I’m the obtuse one, lol.

Hey, I have a link too!

It’s okay. You’ll get it soon enough.

Edit: For those that don’t want to read the article, here’s the gist. Inmates produce approximately $2B worth of goods a year and are compensated anywhere from nothing (thanks Texas and Georgia) all the way to nearly $5 a day.

Hmm…producing billions of dollars of goods and not getting paid for it. Where have I heard that before. *Picks cotton lent off my cotton shirt.*

Yeah, that’s great and all but Newsweek is suuuper known for the legal chops. I was aware of hte Newsweek article and figured the pop news fanboy you are you got all hot and bothered by some pseudo editorial you didn’t really understand. Anyhow, if you bothered to read the legal breakdown by the Professor of Law on the topic it’s Fake News as expected. It’s indentured servitude by the obvious definition and your tenuous grasp on the English language.

Anyhoozle, the distinctions I outlined above still apply. Feel free to re-read and make a valid point beyond false dichotomies when you get some time.

For those interested in catching up on Newsweek articles, don’t forget other classics like:

“Why the internet will fail” (1995)"

“Trump’s America is a sh*thole country”

and 2017’s Trump Nazi’s stole Christmas

Back to those Indian castes though… did you know that there are 3,000 castes and 25,000 subcastes in India, each related to a specific occupation? Wait, isn’t that probably like every single occupation? Have to hand it to those Indians for being organized. Just like in their “dating” system, after it’s done, you just don’t know who to thank most.

Haha, I love it! I’m totally screwing with you. You should know I don’t care about slavery, the literal interpretation of the 13th amendment, or anything else discussed here.

I’ve just noticed over the last week or so you’re pretty much back to your old self…perhaps with slightly less vitriol. You even let palantir troll you today. When you came back from your AF sabbatical, you were a docile as a baby deer. Bout time you decided to show up.

I’m taking this as a buy signal for the WC. We’re on the upswing!!