Black Car Fail

So instead of slummin’ it on the subway, I took a black car home from work the other night after knocking out a solid 14 hour day. There’s some unsavory charactors on the subway after normal business hours and I’m not a fan associating wtih them.

Anyways, so I’m in this black car texting in the back seat. The car stalls out somehow in an intersection. The driver puts it in neutral and starts her back up. But, he slammed the gas while the car was in neutral. Realizing his mishap, he jammed it to drive and the car took off with the tires screaming.

I thought a stunt like that would break the transmission, how much damage does it really do?

Those cars are build like tanks. He could probably do neutral drops all day long.

That puts a ton of stress on the tranny, one day he’s going to do that and hear a slip and thunk, and hello thousands of dollars of damage.

A well serviced Lincoln can do a million miles before retirement. I’ve seen some with >900K miles on them. Of course some of the parts are replaced I’m sure but they can go for a long ass time. It makes you wonder why regular cars break all the time.