black MAIL! black mirror in real life.

lol some guy i met at my hs reunion just messaged me. it was very odd.

said something like i fell for a dating scam and they are threatening me by messaging everyone on my fb.

what do do? should i pry?

Cool, I saw that episode. Those guys were so wussy.

Never respond, never negotiate, never play the game.

+1 to PA (shocker) they prob dont have sh*t although if you been diddling kiddies you might be in trouble dude

Find him and “persuade” him to reconsider.

Or just ignore it. These scams, while they can be very emotionally troubling to the uninitiated, are very common and are harmless.

What do you mean that “you fell for a dating scam”?

lol well i offered him to go clubbin to pick up some real whores. like i predicted. he doesnt club. but he might be down. lol its a lil tough for me though considering i got a chick. but i feel like teaching niggas how to pick up whores is a calling for me. kind of like hitch.

ppl over 25 still go clubbin every weekend?

PA isn’t concerned because his only friend on fb is his mom

I’d say best to just keep calm and carry kombucha