Blackberry Storm

I am getting very frustrated with my blackberry. It is taking an eternity to load after being on “lock”, it often freezes and the only way to do anything is to remove the battery. It turns off by itself, comes off of “lock” by itself, doesn’t answer calls when I click answer, continually cuts off parts of conversations, takes forever to load webpages, freezes when trying to switch apps and takes forever to take pictures. Has anyone had any success in going back to Verizon and getting them to upgrade the phone to a better model for free without paying fees/fines? I’m thinking about going and putting up a fuss.

I have no problems at all with mine. Make sure you have the latest software downloaded. There were a few glitches in the first few iterations. I guess I am in the minority, but I like the storm. I am a palm convert, so it is my first bb, but I think it works well.

Hello Sanka’s mom - Where’s that idiot Sanka?

Hi pupdawg - I am not aware of who Sanka is. I noticed there was a username by that name after I had registered this one. Back to the original topic, I will see if there are any software updates that i need. I just bought it 2 months back, so I would doubt it though. It is taking 35 seconds to return to a functional mode after pressing the unlock button. I also missed a call before because it wouldn’t allow me to click Answer because it was still loading. So frustrating.

Hi Sanka’s Mom. I can help with the “load” issues.

MILF Hunter Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hi Sanka’s Mom. > > I can help with the “load” issues. spilt my coffee lol on my bloomberg term …aaaah good times good times

I use the BB desktop manager for certain software uploads and it will also check for updates. If not you should be able to get most recent @ Also make sure you dont have a million apps running in the background, that will slow things down. I also downloaded Quickpull lite - i run that about every 3-4 days to free up memory. Its free and it does a really good job - you can even schedule it to run everyday. That app beats having to do a battery pull…