Bleron Spotting

I saw him post something in L2 Forum! I swear it! Best of Luck Bleron, I’m glad to see you studying more than 3 weeks out from the exam, you good ol’ chap you.

It must have been deleted right away cuz its not there now.,554872 6th Post down :slight_smile:

Nevermidn False Alarm…it was a bump from 2007! Dang.

Dang. I thought that my life was going to get more interesting.

haha…i thought I had him… That wee littl’ devil

His last post was in August. Shame, he made me laugh last year and I need some entertainment now.

I was looking forward to the incredible Pass the entire CFA program in like 5 weeks. What was he claimed, 1 week for L1, and he was going to do 2 for L2, and I assume he would have attempted to do L3 in 2 weeks as well, seeing as it has a less nasty reputation.