How does one setup a blog? I’m pretty much tech retarded, so the easier the better. Pointers to any info is appreciated, not even really sure where to start.

I’m guessing this shouldn’t be too difficult, but those tend to be famous last words.

How to create a blog? That’s easy - just go to LiveJournal or and open an account. How to continually update that blog with creative and useful information? Well, that is significantly more difficult. I think you need to come up with a twist. Like “The investment blog… written by lizards!” Maybe not that twist specifically, but you get the idea.

Yea, I’m more interested in the mechanics of starting/running a blog - I don’t really care if people read it or not, lol.

Will check those sites out, thanks.

I used a while ago. Now I use wordpress ( My web hosting provider ( installs wordpress software on its site for free if I want to use it, which I do, but I think will host at its site, possibly for free, if you want to.

I’m on a mac, so use MarsEdit to compose my posts, then upload to the site. It’s not perfect, but I like how it helps me with getting graphics lined up so I can post charts or graphs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t handle tables well, but I’ve found workarounds. If you’re a windows user, Windows Live Writer is supposed to be the best desktop software, and I’ve read that even better than MarsEdit.

Of course, other sites often let you do your blog pieces through a web browser, but I don’t really like that, in part because I often write blogs when I im places where internet access is spotty.

All in all, if you’re reasonably tech savvy, it can take the better part of an afternoon to get all the configurations set up. It’s a pain to do it, but fortunately, you only have to do that stuff once, usually.

Is your blog public?

I use as well. If you’re just looking to jot down your mindless ramblings, then it’s incredibly easy to set up and maintain.