Bloodbath on a sunday

crap… i posted in the morning and now after more than 12 hrs when iam seeing the forum it seems that a lot of things happened during the day and now my heart is sinking again did anyone see the ticks adjacet to L3 registration disappear today(as i did before i left)

YOu mean when you click on L3 registration?

yes… just after my first post at 4.30 am AF time. i saw L3 registeration back and thenwhen i clicked it i saw tick disappearing from the L3 registeration…all other options had ticks(like integrity statements etc)

4:30 AF time, priceless:-)


i haven’t see L3 link since the morning, and now the section is gone all together

I see so BOTH links dissapeared for you initially not just one link.

CSK u passed…its conclusive… i guess i flunked(looking at what happened during the day) will see next time though…


I hope you are right, but again, As i said on L2 my link wasn’t gone up until i received a pass. I dont remember if i had checkmark or not though

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