Bloomberg help desk staffing

Anybody know how the Bloomberg help desk is staffed? How do they ensure that they are able to respond to inquiries so fast?
I suck at finding stuff on the terminal and I contact Help quite often and their ability to provide help fast is really something.

Help desk talent for Bloomberg is this niche area for people that are really good and smart but for whatever reason, haven’t been able to find a real job in finance yet. The sufficiently great ones are too smart to stay and leave the phone pool for real jobs. For this kind of person, who is working the helpdesk because they are very smart but have not yet found a real investments job, the decision is like, hey, I could be a barista or, I can do this gig where I can at least put Bloomberg on my resume.

Also, while their software and hardware is some pretty incredible stuff, you pay through the nose for it. Every individual seat for a Bloomberg subscription costs around $25,000 last time I checked, with zero scaling available for additional seats typically. For that kind of coin, and for however many people use these things across the world, that is a lot of money to be able to recruit sufficiently talented help reps.

I found this pretty interesting. I’m surprised Factset is still so small.

Huh. I think that any scaled price drop in Bloomberg might be new. That’s progress.

To your point on FactSet, I agree. It is weird that Eikon has 2x the subscribers.

I wouldn’t mind working as one of those guys for 6 months to a year. I"m so bad at using my terminal, but know it can do so much.

You guys have any pointers for getting better at writing formulas in excel? It’s a language I don’t speak yet; bdh formulas.

If you have full access to the terminal, I’d just schedule a ■■■■ load of training sessions. They are included in the the price. Make a list of the things that you want learn, send that to the Bloomberg helpdesk and let them plan the training session a 1-on-1. I have done a few of them and they are great.

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