Bloomberg help

This should be so simple however I’m struggling with it. I simply need to find historical FX rates in Bloomber for instance the USD/EUR rate for 9/29/2007 Bloomberg I also need to locate historical volatilities in for Equitiyes Bloommberg Any help woulb be much appreciated. Oh…yeah and also historical Cap/Floor Vols

Answer to any bloomberg question: press and ask it. those are the people who are paid to answer you.

EUR HP 9/29/07 was a Saturday, by the way, so you won’t find a level for that, but Friday was 1.4267.

two more pointers for receiving help: SITE for an overview MANU for getting started Not implying you are an amateur, but they are constantly adding functions so starting at these levels and drilling down might get you there faster than using

HVAL is for historical volatilities try Ticket Equity HVAL that should do it

Is there a Bloomberg for Dummies book out there? :wink:

If you ask Bloomberg they will tell you there is no manual (because it changes so fast…basically the HELP key is the manual).

Question: Does any sort of Bloomberg simulation/trial/demo or something similar exist? I’d like to get familiar with it on my own time.

You can show up when they come to town and get a group demonstration…go to a terminal and type BU .